[linux-audio-user] Tracking down overruns

Benji Flaming lau at solobanjo.com
Sun Sep 14 23:16:00 EDT 2003

> PTLE for me. Thought about an 002 and decided before I jumped I'd give
> Linux a try.

Are you running an 001, then?  I bought my Digidesign AudioMedia III card
(2-in, 2-out, analog or digital) just a few months before the 001 was
announced.  Needless to say, it was rather frustrating that there was no
upgrade path.  My studio partner and I were also unfortunate enough to
purchase our MIX plus system just shortly before Pro Tools HD was announced.

> Absolutely. I need to go to Guitar Center an buy my latest 6.01 upgrade
> if I want to stay on the treadmill.

We're still at 5.1.3.  We'd have to upgrade all of our plug-ins to MacOS X
versions if we switched to PT6 :(

> Yep, this is a problem. My solution was to use a 1394 drive for my audio
> drive, both under Pro Tools (Win XP) and Linux. It then doubles as a
> simple way to get data between boxes if I don't want to spend time
> messign with getting Samba working...

This sounds like a great solution.  In a pinch, it would also be away of
getting files between here and the studio.  I'll definitely have to look
into that.

> > For what it's worth, I've also posted my XF86Config:
> > http://www.comevisit.com/NorthernSunrise/latency/XF86Config
> > It has a few things I need to fix, but nothing that I think would affect
> > audio performance.
> I'm terrible at kernel configuration, so I hope someone else will help
> more with this part.

I'm confused by what you quoted.  XF86Config is my X configuration.  .config
is my kernel configuration.

> OK, I certainly get how this has happened, but I eventually tricked my
> Dell P3 500 box that runs GigaStudio into playing nice. It was no fun
> though. Here's the short version of the story...

Thanks, I'll try your technique as soon as I can make the time.

> The thing you probably want to understand is that right now every
> Ethernet packet that arrives has higher priority than your sound card or
> your disk drives. IRQ11 beats IRQ14/15 for the disks or IRQ5 for the
> sound card.

Yup - this irks me to no end, but I wasn't able to fix it in my initial

> So, if your Ethernet adapter is a card, take it and the sound card out,
> put the sound card in the Ethernet slot, and then reboot and see what
> you get.

This was the first thing I tried.  Same IRQ asignments even after the
change.  I'd look up the BIOS settings so I could better explain the
problem, but my Linux box is building a new kernel right now.

> Possibly. Not sure. I don't remember building drivers for mine, but
> that's another PC than this one.

Come to think of it, I'm not sure whether I've even looked for the drive
under Linux since I plugged it in.  It might actually be there.  I suppose
I'd have to build the controller drivers in order to access the drive at any
reasonable speed, however.


Benjamin Flaming
"The trouble with computers, of course, is that they're very sophisticated

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