[linux-audio-user] Audacity and MIDI

Alexandre Prokoudine avp at altlinux.ru
Wed Sep 17 12:35:01 EDT 2003

Patrick Shirkey wrote
> Robert Jonsson wrote:
> >Wednesday 17 September 2003 06:30 skrev mawali at news.icns.com:
> >
> >>Hi
> >>Thanks for getting my son hooked on audacity, but now I am getting more
> >>questions. I have audacity-1.2 now and I like the feature (esp looping). I
> >>can import a MIDI file but then cannot play it. I do not see any setting
> >>for MIDI out on the preferences. I get a device not found error when I
> >>play a midi track. Am I missing anything.
> >
> >
> >Audacity? Midi? 
> >Am I missing something, isn't Audacity a pure audio application?
> >
> The docs say pretty clearly that midi importing works but playback is 
> not supported yet.
> I think someone coded it up one night while they were speeding... er... 
> I mean deep in hack mode... and now they can't remember what they did to 
> get it there ;)

To be sharp, there are plans get midi playback/editing working on top of
either PortMidi or TSE3, but this will happen after 1.20 only. If ever :)

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