[linux-audio-user] Loops

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Thu Sep 18 11:01:01 EDT 2003

> Currently, this *can* be done in ardour, but the steps needed
> are less than intuitive.
> 1. make a range selection
> 2. right-click to popup menu, choose "Select->New Location from selection"
>    (note, *not*  Selection->LoopSelection !!)
> 3. open the Locations window from the Windows menu
> 4. check the Loop column for the location you just made
> 5. Select the loop button (icon) in the transport bar
> 6. Position the playhead somewhere in or before the loop area
>    and press play.
> When you change the checked loop location you may have to reselect
> the loop transport button (bug). Also, when you delete a location
> (by shift-right-clicking on the marker bar), it won't delete it
> from the location window (bug).
> I will do my best to make this a much more streamlined process
> in future versions of ardour.
> jlc

   That's come along quite a bit.

   I'm not sure from your description above whether Ardour does this, but
there is one thing you might want to look at for loop recording more human
friendly. It's really nice if the loop selection and the recording selection
can be made to be different lengths. The issue is that the musician needs to
hear a lead in to the point where they start to do their work, and to make
it human friendly the whole process needs to stay in the groove or it's hard
to be musical.

   Consider this situation:

1) I'm doing a song with a guitar part that I'm going to record in two
pieces. The first piece goes up to the end of measure 50, and the second
starts at measure 51 and goes to the end of measure 59.

2) I've recorded something good for the first part and now I want to loop
record the second part.

3) To get the groove right, I need the loop point to jump back to the
beginning of measure 49 so I hear 49 and 50, and then as the play head
crosses into 51 the recording starts and I record the second parts.

4) Fairly important is that I need to hear the first guitar part AND my live
guitar through 49 & 50, but nothing I play in 49 & 50 is recorded.

5) Mucho important - Nothing about recording the second guitar part should
be in any way destructive to the first guitar part that is already recorded.

   After all this gets done, then you end up doing fades between the audio
segments, etc., to put it all together.

   Don't know how much of that you've already got. Quite a bit I expect.


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