[linux-audio-user] (vst/linux) Re: linux-audio-user digest, Vol 1 #678 - 17 msgs

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Thu Sep 18 11:18:01 EDT 2003

"Kjetil S. Matheussen" wrote:

> > Perhaps Kjetil can provide a working example ?
> >
> The help2-k_vst~.pd patch in the k_vst~ tar file works for me. (last time
> I tried at least). Press the "click to hear" button.

Thanks, Kjetil. I got the mda_JX10 synth and tested the patch, it worked
fine (but no GUI, alas). I also tried the compakt and Barking Wombat
synths again with that example, both worked fine and both showed their
GUIs (after I added the opengui/closegui messages to the patch).
However, I still haven't figured out how to sound the patch via my MIDI

The vstserver is still very shaky. It often crashes after changing the
DLL name in the k_vst~ object. I can start the whole thing again with
the revised patch and it will work fine (until I try changing the DLL
again). Btw, I built and installed your version of WINE (from the NoTAM
site) and rebuilt the vstserver.

I tried utilizing the MIDI input components from the audio/MIDI test
patch but even though it shows MIDI data coming from my keyboard I'm
still not sounding the VSTi plugin. Suggestions ?

Best regards,

== dp

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