[linux-audio-user] Loops

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Mon Sep 22 02:38:00 EDT 2003


Monday 22 September 2003 01:19 skrev Mark Knecht:
> On Sun, 2003-09-21 at 12:25, Steve Harris wrote:
> > What NVidia do is they have a core binary dirver (cross platform)
> > and the linux interface part of it is "open source", for some value of
> > open. This works well, and though I'd rather have propper Free Software
> > drivers the NVIDIA drivers have been very relaible on the whole, the
> > installation easy and the support from the developers has been good too.
> Yes, this was the sort of strategy I was thinking of. However, now we
> have to figure out why DigiDesign would go to the trouble. Obviously
> every machine needs a graphics adapter, so NVidea isn't going to give
> away the whole Linux market to ATI. Obviously (I guess) they think they
> have somethign to protect from ATI since ATI does (I think) release
> source, correct?

Yes and no, ATI "actively" supports open source driver project like gatos. But 
I think that WHEN they actually contributing something is a bit far between.

About NVIDIA having to protect things from ATI... My belief has always been 
that this is remnants of long gone days where this was common business 
practice, that every body used. Every body did it so it must be the right 
way, right?
I'm having a hard time believing that they would hurt themselves by being 
open. Rather the opposite.

As for Pro Tools, I'm guessing it's in the protools license that the software 
can only be used together with their hardware (or officially licensed). Thus 
it would still be illegal to use any other hardware, regardless of how easy 
it was to circumvent.
But... convincing them about that might just be close to impossible ;)


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