[linux-audio-user] Re: HDSP Firmware

Thomas Charbonnel thomas at undata.org
Tue Sep 23 05:41:01 EDT 2003


Sorry for the delay, as Mark said I'm offline most of the time these days.

To make tings clear, here's the status of the driver :

* Alsa 0.9.6 :

Multiface and Digiface work, except for rev 0x32 pci cards (once again 
the patch to make those card work is trivial).
Hdsp 9652 is broken
Hdsp 9632 is unimplemented

* Alsa cvs :

Rev 0x32 mf/df are supported
Hdsp 9652 still broken
Hdsp 9632 still unimplemented

* Not even in cvs :

Multiface, Digiface (all firmwre revisions) and hdsp 9652 (rev. 101 at 
least) are supported (patch posted on alsa-dev)
Hdsp 9632 is supported.
BUT the hwdep ioctl interface has changed hence this version is 
incompatible with the current hdspmixer and hdspconf. I have working 
versions for mf/df and 9652 but I still have to add hdsp 9632 support to 
those tools. I hope to find the time to to this by the end of the week, 
and bring all this to cvs.


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