[linux-audio-user] MORE hdsp 9652!

kevin ernste kevinernste at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 23 21:03:00 EDT 2003

> However, Kevin ErErnsteas building AlAlsaPRPMsIf you could talk him
> into
> patching his source and then building the RPM you would just install
> that
> RPM on your Planet box and be done. I think that's the best solution,
> but I
> don't know how to do any of it myself. (I'm a dumb end-user type...)
> ;-)
> Kevin responded to you yesterday.

Sorry to be behind on messages here, long two teaching days.  I just
dropped a note to Aaron, and I would be more than happy to help further
if I can.  

It looks like Fernando may have trumped us all and released new rpms
today, so perhaps I'll see about patching those (has anyone tested them
yet, perhaps the problem is already solved?).  That should gaguarantee
compatibility, thus preserving your planet "chi" :)


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