[linux-audio-user] Cheap ALSA-compatible card

John Bleichert syborg at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 26 15:20:01 EDT 2003

On Fri, 26 Sep 2003, Benji Flaming wrote:
> Subject: [linux-audio-user] Cheap ALSA-compatible card
> I'd like to get an ALSA-compatible sound card (PCI) for an older
> machine.  This would be for non-critical music playback, and would be
> replacing an ISA SB16.  Economy is the goal here.  I'm aware of the ALSA
> sound card matrix, but it does not provide list prices for each card,
> nor does it indicate whether a particular card is even on the market.
> Would anyone be willing to offer a recommendation?
> |)
> |)enji

http://www.pricewatch.com/ --> Multimedia --> Sound Cards

Find a price you like and check it on the list. Very few of them are *not*
supported, esp. if it's a name brand.

// John Bleichert
// syborg at earthlink.net

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