[linux-audio-user] decent (abstract ?) sequencer for use with pd ?

Jan Baumgart raga.raga at gmx.de
Sat Sep 27 19:34:01 EDT 2003

hi fellow linuxicians !

Is there any sequencer out there, that is able to control abstract musical
paramenters (simply numbers, so to speak :) for synth-systems like pd, beast
etc... there may be some fine midi sequencer, but sometimes note-on /offs on
32-grid just ain't enough to control something like grain-loop machine, or
I'm having something in mind, what could be something like a OSC(open sound
control) sequencer...with programmable event/signal templates like /start or
/stop ... and nifty curve-based drawing tools, like those found in sequencer
with decent automation-handling (eg. logic,protools,...)

I'm just wondering if there's anything like that out there
or maybe a fitting (sequencer) develompent-library..

cheers !


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