[linux-audio-user] decent (abstract ?) sequencer for use with pd ?

Larry Troxler lt at westnet.com
Sun Sep 28 10:51:01 EDT 2003

On Saturday 27 September 2003 19:17, Jan Baumgart wrote:
> hi fellow linuxicians !
> Is there any sequencer out there, that is able to control abstract musical
> paramenters (simply numbers, so to speak :) for synth-systems like pd,
> beast etc... there may be some fine midi sequencer, but sometimes note-on
> /offs on a
> 32-grid just ain't enough to control something like grain-loop machine, or
> whatever....
> I'm having something in mind, what could be something like a OSC(open sound
> control) sequencer...with programmable event/signal templates like /start
> or /stop ... and nifty curve-based drawing tools, like those found in
> sequencer with decent automation-handling (eg. logic,protools,...)
> I'm just wondering if there's anything like that out there
> or maybe a fitting (sequencer) develompent-library..
> cheers !
> jan.

Ha! Good Luck!

Seriously though, the two (IMO) most active Linux sequencer projects are Muse 
and Rosegarden, and they are at the moment both locked into MIDI. 

Probably, since you're already using pd, you might try to  make use of 
whatever the sequencer object in pd is (it's name escapes my at the moment - 
I think it's "xeq"). My apologies if you already know about this.

Another approach would be the Common Music / Common Music Notation / Common 
Lisp Music suite. CM is just begging for a nice portable front-end, and is 
most certainly open-ended about the type of music events it deals with.

Hope this helps!


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