[linux-audio-user] maudio quattro & jack

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Fri Apr 9 16:21:08 EDT 2004

> I haven't tried it with latest jack and all the i/o options. If you
> have the time it would be nice to hear how the latest code is working.
> You should make sure you are using at least:
> latest 2.6.x
??? has the quattro/2.6 problem been fixed? i thought the usb subsystem
rejects the quattro from not being compliant with the usb standard ...

> latest cvs alsa drivers
> latest cvs jack
sure ...

> I haven't had much luck using it with jack for recording. Last time I 
> tried it didn't work well enough for 4 channels and the 24 bit support
> doesn't register for me (although it did for at least one other
> person).
i've not been able to really use the alsa layer ... i always sticked
to oss the only way for getting 4 channels out of pd
... i suppose with an old version of alsa (0.9.2 ???) i could get a 4
channel sound out of pd (0.36 ???), but i never tried jack that time ...

arecord / aplay are probably working since they are the reference
implementations of alsa ... but i'd like to use them with jack, not
because of recording but live-sampling /-processing...


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