[linux-audio-user] How achieve smooth playing of multiple instances of linux audio players

Robert Rozman rozman at fri.uni-lj.si
Fri Apr 16 05:21:35 EDT 2004


I have HTPC entertainment with home automation control integrated (Based on
Misterhouse). I also have couple of sound cards for 2 independent stereo
outputs that go to separate rooms. Now I start 2 instances of alsaplayer -
playing music to those rooms.

Now I have also some other processes on PC (Apache, PVR 350 video recording,
media serving to LAN) - so I get occasional hickups on music output. But I'd
like to play music smoothly probably at the price of resposivness of other

With what settings/configuration/additions could I achieve that. I assume
that assigning higher priorities may be not enough ?

How do you tweak your machines to get smooth audio play ?



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