[linux-audio-user] Recording RealPlayer

Mikhail Ramendik mr at ramendik.ru
Sun Apr 18 18:35:11 EDT 2004


Joe Button wrote:
> On Sunday 18 April 2004 22:04, Robert Jonsson wrote:
> > I think mplayer has atleast partial support for realplayer streams... 
> Does it actually work, ever? I

It does.

I had mplayer 0.91 successfully get a realaudio stream iver the Net. And
with the wave-writer audio output plugin, it wrote it to disk, too.
(mencoder did not manage to work with the stream directly; I had to use
mplayer and its file output).

To do this, I clicked on the "Listen" link (on a certain site) and had
Konqueror save the incoming file. It was a brief file containing an url;
the url started with "pnm://"

Then I did: 

mplayer -ao pcm -aofile filename.wav pnm://some.site/some_dir/some_stream.ra

It worked!

But, it did not exit automatically. I had to see when the second counter
stopped ticking, and precc Ctrl+C. Then, the wav file was right there.

For some minutes after this, streaming another stream from the same
server was not possible.

HTH (Hope This Helps).

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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