[linux-audio-user] pd vs. supercollider

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Apr 21 07:41:48 EDT 2004

Tim Blechmann hat gesagt: // Tim Blechmann wrote:

> since i'm about to rewrite my (pd) performace patch, i'm curious if i
> should switch to supercollider ...
> i heard that (on macs) supercollider computes much more efficient than
> max/msp ... is that somehow compareable to linux / i686 / pd? 
> has anyone tried to run benchmarks with similar patches on both programs
> to compare the cpu usage? 

I doubt, that the dsp calculations will really be faster on SC3 than
in Pd. Pd actually can calculate things very fast and also is
optimized for realtime work. Nevertheless you know that Pd still has
problems with the GUI sometimes disturbing audio computation. This
won't happen with SC3. But it also doesn't happen when Pd is run in
"-nogui" mode. 

As SC3 to my knowledge doesn't have a GUI in the Linux version, you
either will have to live without one or use something else as GUI, for
example Pd, which can control SC over OSC. See Kjetil's SC-objects for

Generally I'd say, that Pd and Supercollider are so different, that
they cannot sensibly be compared. SC is a text based synthesis
language that will be much better at certain things than Pd, whereas
Pd offers a very hands-on approach to building software instruments
and more (and has many third-party modules for graphics and the like).

Still, learning more about SC3 is on my TODO-list as well. Let's start
on LAConf2, shall we? ;)

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