[linux-audio-user] Newbie questions for live gigging

Richard K. Ingalls ringalls at glenwood.k12.mo.us
Thu Apr 22 16:01:17 EDT 2004

I've been lurking on this list for a few months... I haven't even 
created a Linux Digital Audio Workstation yet, but I'd like to.  I'm 
becoming more and more a believer in Open Source Software not only on 
the server but also on the desktop... (I digress, sorry).

I'm looking at the latest MIDI sound modules and thinking can't I 
achieve many of these things using Linux and my PC?

1) I want to have many sounds available for live playing (via MIDI) on 
my keyboard.  That's the top priority.  Lots of sounds.  Good quality 
sounds.  I'm thinking a sample playback machine or sound fonts 
(right?).  Can't I even achieve BETTER sounds with my PC than with a 
very expensive new sound module?

2) I'd like to be able to sequence those great sounds.  It would be 
even better if I could use the sequencer WHILE playing live sounds 
through this machine.

3) It would be very cool to be able to edit those sounds and tweak 
them.  Doesn't have to be "live" though.

MY QUESTIONS: Can I achieve these goals without too much fuss 
(remember I'm a newbie)?  Which "distro" (CCRMA or other?) would be 
best/easiest?  Do I want to go with sound fonts?  What sound card 
should I go with (not too expensive, ok?)?

Thank you Linux Audio Gurus!

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