[linux-audio-user] regarding SCons

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Sat Apr 24 11:46:10 EDT 2004

luis jure wrote:

>scons was not too problematic to build and install, although a little
>confusing at first. but now that it's installed, i've had no luck with
>csound5, compilation fails somewhere on the way. what about you, have you
>had better luck? or anyone?
>BTW, my installation has no man page either.
I just built and ran Csound5, using today's (April 24) CVS sources. The 
compile stalled until I realized I needed to add useJack=1 to the scons 
command. So far I've tested the trapped.csd in the examples directory 
and a test file for MIDI input. The CSD file played very well in 
realtime, but the MIDI input was absolutely awful, with the worst 
latency I've heard from Csound in years. IIRC, none of the Csound5 
development group has a working Linux MIDI system, so I don't have high 
hopes that it's going to be corrected soon. Also, it should be noted 
that Csound5 is only in beta right now, so it would be unfair to judge 
it while still incomplete. I haven't yet tried it with Oeyvind 
Brandtsegg;s ImproSculpt, but again I don't have high hopes, too many 
needed opcodes were missing from Csound5 the last time I tried it with 
Oeyvind's file.

It's a great shame that Istvan Varga's contributions from years ago 
haven't been worked into canonical Csound yet. I'm seriously considering 
returning to his sources and trying again to build them under RH 9. I 
ran into some deep problems the last time I tried to compile it here, 
perhaps I'll dig into the sources this time and find how to fix it.

Btw, I installed SCons myself some time ago, when Planet C wasn't 
up-to-date with CheeseTracker, so I don't have the default Planet C 
installation. I even updated to the latest version, but I still don't 
have a man page for SCons...



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