[linux-audio-user] Workstation - Collaboration

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Sun Apr 25 03:30:32 EDT 2004

In point of fact, your "Crappy, year old Mandrake audio how to" was the
single document that convinced me to try audio DAW stuff at all on
Linux!  I saw it as a line item on the Mandrake Community emails I get
and it caught my eye. I have a lot of time invested in the Winblows DAW
stuff. I had been messing a little with Linux, primarily Mandrake since
8.2. I knew nothing of URPMI or many of the other features you described
in clear detail on that page. I have been learning and become very
enthusiastic about the potential that lies ahead for Linux audio. I
personally think it will eat Windows based apps in the foreseeable

I would love to assist in someway, on the web based content specifically
for Mandrake and for Linux but I still feel like an infant when it comes
to the bones of the OS. I figure most stuff out by trial and error and
sometimes it takes me days to figure out what you guys know in minutes
or less...you be the judge.

My next project using Mandrake 10.0 is to have a headless box that I can
build into my PA console. I want to be able to have it boot and load
Xvnc_server automatically from either Xfce or Fluxbox or similar. I will
then run the desktop on my Windows XP laptop that I use for Sonar XL
(For midi playback). I hope to be able to run many more LADSPA plugs in
Ardour for live vocal, guitar and backing processing as well as record
everything in Ardour or Audacity or similar at the same time. There
could be a dozen other uses but this is the first objective for real use
with my duo in clubs, bars, etc. I have already been using a 650mhz Dell
laptop with MDK 9.2 for the fx stuff and acoustic guitar with excellent
stability and sound comparable to high end Pro audio DSP boxes!! And
this one, I can take home and write emails, surf the web, blah, blah
blah! :) 

Perhaps I could share some of this stuff with newbies and they may
follow the path I found.

For what it's worth, personally I thank you for the effort you have
volunteered to the Mandrake and Linux world. I'm quite sure has given
others, along side myself, reason to add to the numbers of open source
supporters. I'm hooked!


On Sat, 2004-04-24 at 13:30, aacton at yorku.ca wrote:
> Hey,
> My crappy, year-old "Mandrake Audio Workstation HowTo" is horribly out of date,
> and is still receiving many many hits per day.  Since I don't have time to
> rewrite it, I've made it community-accessible on my new site.  If anyone wants
> to help edit/update/add content, they can via the web at http://groundstate.ca .
> Todo:
> - update to Mandrake 10
> - revise for 2.6 kernel
> - add MIDI information
> - tidy up the hellish HTML
> Also, if anyone wants to start another community-edited linux audio book, let me
> know.
> Austin

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