[linux-audio-user] emi26 on ppc

stefan kersten steve at k-hornz.de
Mon Apr 26 12:23:18 EDT 2004


a variation on the usb audio interface theme: i recently
tried the emagic emi2|6 on my powerbook (tibook G4,
debian/unstable/2.6.5), with only partial success.

the device is detected, the firmware apparently loaded, and
snd-usb-audio appears to successfully claim the
interface. however, when i try to use it with jack, jack
bails out because it cannot find any usable sample
format. when playing a soundfile with alsaplayer, i just get
noise; sounds like an endianness problem.

sorry, i can't post any output, as i don't have the
interface at hand. i just wondered if someone has a working
configuration for the emi26 on ppc hardware. maybe some
asoundrc magic is enough?


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