LiveCDs as Rescue Disks (WAS: [linux-audio-user] Ardour Crash+ can't boot)

Mark Knecht mknecht at
Mon Apr 26 15:10:10 EDT 2004

Matthew Allen wrote:
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>>I recently ran DSL, Dynebolic, Gentoo LiveCD AND Knoppix in Frys on
> all
>>of the laptops I was considering until I found models that ran all 4
>>CDs. This gave me a lot of confidence that once I got the laptop home
>>I'd be able to put Linux on it. It worked. I know watch DVD using Xine
>>and Alsa just fine.
> Aww man what an awesome idea! This sounds like 3 hours of weekend fun.
> And just in time for my laptop buying adventures.
> Thanks
> .matt

Good luck. If your experience is like mine you'll get a lot of people 
looking over your shoulder to find out about Linux.

I ended up with Compaq R3070 at a good price. In my case pretty much 
everything worked well in the store except hdparm -tT speeds. I could 
see that in my case the Compaq was using a new ATI chipset so I came 
home, did some snooping and found that DMA support was added somewhere 
around 2.6.5, so installing that level of kernel when I built the 
machine solved that problem. However, then under 2.6.6 I had some Alsa 
problems (<hehe> so what's new about that?!?) which Takashi has recently 

The machine now works quite nicely in both Gentoo and Win XP Pro running 
Pro Tools on the road.

- Mark

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