[linux-audio-user] sound card linux documentation wiki+forum site

Robert Jonsson rj at spamatica.se
Wed Dec 1 03:26:00 EST 2004


> True, there really is no other way. We ain't in kansas anymore,
> toto. We're on a mailinglist so it's highly likely we need a email
> address if we want to get emails. Registering to post bug reports is
> annoying and time waste. It's nice that we have bugtrackers that you
> can send anonymous emails to; I'll bet you get more bug reports.

I have to respond to this. 

Actually, many projects disable anonymous bugreports because it is impossible 
to follow up on the problems. 

I manage the bugtracker in MusE, we still allow anonymous reports, but many 
such reports are actually no help. Missing information in the bugreports 
making it impossible to fix, no possible way of knowing if a fix actually 
helped the reporter etc.

I understand the privacy concerns. Also I can understand that you think it's 
unnecessary work. But it cuts both ways. The less you give, the less there is 
for the people on the other end to get.



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