[linux-audio-user] Re: Scratch-built DAW - what's your favorite?

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc at doink.com
Wed Dec 1 13:29:30 EST 2004

On 1 December 2004 at 13:54, Anahata <anahata at treewind.co.uk> wrote:

> Indeed: apart from the issues with hardware compatibility and 
> performance, a PC based DAW needs to be acoustically quiet - a visit to 
> http://www.quietpc.com is probably in order while you're compiling your 
> shopping list.

I second that thought.  I bought an Antec case, based on an
"Ultimate Linux Box" article in Linux Journal from a few years
back, as case vibration can be a noise source.  All four of my
case fans, the CPU fan, and the power supply are from Quiet
PC.  I also got some of their sound damping foam.  I've got
resistors and speed regulators on all the fans to keep them
spinning slowly.  After all that my CPU temperature under full
load for many minutes peaks at 41C; Intel specifies a maximum
operating temperature of something in the neighborhood of 95C.
The machine is so quiet that I get annoyed with the sound of the
lights in my home studio, and I'm annoyed with the noise of my
other PC in the house.  Yes, quiet your PC and you'll be very
happy with it.



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