[linux-audio-user] sound card linux documentation wiki+forum site [WAS: Linux audio hardwarem arket research [was: creating a wiki "soundcard experiences" site]]

Ruth A. Kramer rhkramer at fast.net
Wed Dec 1 13:45:33 EST 2004

MarC wrote:
> OK, I now also think that a special page should be created *only for
> sound cards*, and create a main separate site for AudioLinux if you want
> (even if I think that this topic is too general for a wiki in my opinion)
> then, at the "sound cards" page, only soundcards should be listed, not
> all "LA_" sites
> (that makes it more easy for readers... I have already found a person
> who didn't notice that the alsa matrix was linked at the site, as it was
> devoted to LinuxAudio in general...
> so maybe a solution may be rename "LA_Linux Audio" to "LASoundCards"
> and name every soundcard page as "LASoundCards_Manufacturer_Model"
> (then make the engine search for LASoundCards_* pages)
> for example: "LASoundCards_Creative_SBAudigyOEM"...

Rather than having each page named like
"LASoundCards_Creative_SBAudigyOEM", I'd rather abbreviate the prefix,
something like "LaScCreative_SBAudigyOEM" -- the prefix doesn't have to
be human readable (imho), just something unique to sort by.  

Then the list of soundcards can be, as you suggest, "LASoundCards".

> then all other LA topics, may be created with the syntax: "LATopic"
> for instance "LASoundfonts"

Hmm, I wasn't thinking, but we probably don't need the underbar (we can
use, as you suggest, LATopic vs. LA_Topic (LA should be quite unique).

> and if you want to create a main site, LAMain may work

I'd prefer (I think) LALinuxAudio, which sort of explains the LA prefix
in the name.

Anyway, I'll wait to hear further comments from you before making any
name changes.

Randy Kramer

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