[linux-audio-user] VST_SERVER and Edirol Hypercanvas?

Machine Has No Agenda forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Wed Dec 1 21:53:59 EST 2004

> Hi Russell: 
>   It works for me. I'm using HyperCanvas 1.02, it seems to be working 
> perfectly, though I haven't exactly stress-tested it. 
>     jack_fst HyperCanvas.dll 
> Russell Hanaghan wrote: 
> >There is a killer Soft synth under <place favorite pseudonym for
> >proprietary monopolistic OS here> win-dohs! It comes in VST and DXi
> >format. It is Edirols Hyper canvas that runs to GM2 spec and has good
> >control and functionality in the likes of Steinberg, Cakewalk, etc.
> >
> >I'm wondering if it could be run under FST or VST_server and used in
> ><place favorite Open Source OS distro here> Linux in conjunction with
> >Muse or Rosegarden or other sequencer apps?
> >
> >Anyone by remote chance messed with this? I will be doing some
> >experimenting but I have not even got VST server to work properly
> yet.
> >
> >Thanks
> >

hi - 

i was wondering if this had been resolved? i'm currently getting almost
exactly the same problem that Russell Hanaghan was having with jack_fst
and wine - it has all compiled and installed okay (wine 20040505,
fst-1.6, jack_fst-1.2) on my ccrma fedora core 2 box, but when i call it
this is what i get:

> [mrmachine at localhost mrmachine]$ jack_fst /home/mrmachine/c/Program\ Files/vst/Crystal.dll
> Reserving memory: base=0xbff0b500, size=1000000, end=0xbffff740
> err:font:OpenFontFile FT_New_Face rets 81
> Building font metrics. This may take some time...
> fst signal handler 11, thread = 0xb6d74bb0
> fst signal handler 11 (TEB=0xb6d75000)
> Killed

i can run it no worries as root (and what a joy it is too! but not really practical), but as normal user i get the above message every time :(

btw - i'm starting jack as normal user ...

any help on this one? over at ccrma lists, a couple of people have gotten it working on this version of wine, but not on fedora core 2 .. i'm not sure how many have tried ...


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