[linux-audio-user] Echo cards on Linux

Andres Cabrera andres at geminiflux.com
Thu Dec 2 09:13:08 EST 2004

I'd like to add, concerning the recent discussion on Linux audio drivers 
that an alsa driver for the older Echo cards has already been written 
(and rewritten in C) by Giuliano Pochini, and though it is reportedly 
working, AFAIK it is not yet part of alsa cvs, though Giuliano has 
provided very generous support. I have an Echo Mona Laptop which we 
haven't been able to get working, though the problem seems to be more a 
PCMCIA issue than an alsa driver issue.

I just checked the echo audio page www.echoaudio.com and in the 
developer section they have released the generic C++ drivers for the 
rest of their card line that was missing (namely the Indigo (PCMCIA) 
series and the new 3G (PCI) series), so it should be possible to write 
alsa drivers for all Echo cards. We'll have to see what their policy is 
regarding drivers with their announced firewire interface.

So here's another high quality option that I don't see much mentioned on 
this list.


BTW The Echo Mona Laptop has worked excellent for me in Windows. 
Excellent quality and extremely reliable and efficient. I tried plugging 
a digi 002 rack to my laptop and it was impossible to work with it-so 
sluggish, you couldn't do much. Granted, my system is below digi's 
recommended specs, but PCMCIA seems to give a much better performance 
than firewire.

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