[linux-audio-user] Mixer settings

Christoph Eckert mchristoph.eckert at t-online.de
Thu Dec 2 18:28:14 EST 2004

Hi Clemens,

> Quick guide:
> The bXxxxxID and bSourceID fields specify how the
> units/terminals are connected together.
> In the bmaControls field, index 0 has controls acting on
> all channels, while index 1 and greater specify controls
> acting on that specific channel only.

thanks a lot. But now, it really gets too difficult for me.

Anyway, I managed to set up my card as desired, and I have 
made screenshots of alsamixer - maybe I'll print them out and 
nail it to the wall for later reference ;-) .

BTW: The aureon really works out of the box with the 
snd-usb-audio-driver and is a card at a reasonable price for 
the home musician I think.

Mixing the Aureon is more difficult. I found some pics of the 
windows control panel on the web, which is much more 
understandable. Should I ask Terratec for providing a nice QT 
mixer GUI for it ;-) ?

Concerning the AC 97 card, I followed your hint and got a 
sample block diagram which made me better understanding the 
settings of kmix; I plan to derive a free diagram from it and 
put it somewhere on the net.

 Thanks for your support & best regards


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