[linux-audio-user] newbie trying to record

Ken Schutte kschutte at MIT.EDU
Thu Dec 2 23:42:41 EST 2004

I'm just starting with audio on Linux and have gotten stuck - I can't 
seem to record anything from the mic or line-in.  ALSA and jack seem to 
be setup right (with a SB Live! Value) - I get output from XMMS with 
jack plugin, and I can hear the microphone and/or line-in input directly 
thru the speakers (I turned "Line" and "Mic" up in alsamixer).

However, I can't get anything to record.  I've been trying to record 
from mic and/or line-in using Ardour with no luck.  Considering I might 
not be using Ardour correctly, I moved to something simpler - qaRecord. 
  I start it with "qarecord --jack", but can never get anything to 
record and I never see anything on the level monitors, even though I can 
hear the inputs directly (do I need something in the --device option?)

qjackctl connections window shows alsa_pcm->capture_1 and capture_2, 
which are connected to things in Ardour, but not qaRecord.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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