[linux-audio-user] newbie trying to record

Ken Schutte kschutte at MIT.EDU
Fri Dec 3 00:21:09 EST 2004

Reuben Martin wrote:
>>qjackctl connections window shows alsa_pcm->capture_1
>>and capture_2, which are connected to things in Ardour,
>>but not qaRecord.
> Well... you're not going to capture anything with qaRecord unless you
> patch the alsa capture intputs to it.
> In Ardour, do you have the tracks to capture you input armed? Hitting
> the record button doesn't do anything if none of the tracks are armed.

Thanks for the reply.

If I connect alsa_pcm:capture_1 or _2 to qaRecord:in_0 or in_1, then 
something shows up in the level monitor in qaRecord, but hovers down at 
-80dB and doesn't change regardless of the input.

In Ardour: I start a new project, add an new track "Audio 1", click the 
button "INPUT" which gives me "in 1" or "in 2", so I choose "in 1". 
Then, press track's RECORD button and it turns pink.  Then press record 
button, press play and send sound into mic and line-in.  This does not 
seem to produce anything.


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