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Here's a new URL for the song, mp3dotcom, from this

song contains adult language. if this offends thee,
please don't download it.


--- R Parker <rtp405 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Be careful what you wish for! In response to Dave's
> suggestion that we focus on music, I'm posting one
> of
> my songs. My server is complete crap. If you
> experience download problems, you'll have to be
> patient. Of course anyone is free to load the song
> onto another server.
> Marek, I am tempted to rerecord the vocal track just
> for you. But I won't, so, you'll need to replace
> every
> instance of MP3 with RME. Of course I love RME and
> you'll hear why I wouldn't do that. Not even for
> you.
> :)
> song contains adult language. if this offends thee,
> please don't download it.
> Background Info
> This song, mp3dotcom, is from a set of around 20. My
> order for the band was to write and record the music
> for two albums in one session and that each song
> must
> be a different style of music. We did not record any
> previously written ideas.
> I hired my studio partner Bill Bailey to produce and
> engineer the album. We designed an itenerary that
> started the recording session with drums. We worked
> with the drummer for about an hour to warm him up,
> judge his capabilities and get tones. About every
> hour
> there after we added the next logical instrument;
> bass, guitar, keyboard, second guitar, percussion,
> second bass, etc until we reached the finale where
> everyone achieved euphoric stupidity. There were
> about
> a dozen players involved. Everyone had a specific
> time
> that they were expected to arrive and we asked them
> to
> not show up early. Think of it as mahem by design.
> Everyone involved agreed that it was the most fun
> they
> ever had in a studio.
> After 18 hours we had enough music for two albums
> and
> we began writing lyrics and producing vocals. It
> took
> about four sessions to complete the vocal tracks and
> a
> couple more to mix 11 or 12 of the songs.
> Production Details
> The music was orginally recorded to 16bit blackface
> ADAT. A couple years ago I transfered the
> multitracks
> to Ardour for remixing. I mastered this song today
> using Ardour and JAMin.
> There were transient spikes on the snare hits that
> caused distortion and a short loss of audio
> immediately following many of the snare hits. I put
> the TAP limiter post fader to hold the spikes down
> by
> -5db or there abouts which corrected that problem.
> Total mix and master time for this song is
> definitely
> less than 60 minutes.
> I've never released this album although half the
> songs
> ended up in an indie film that starred one of the
> Saturday Nite Live writers. The movie was titled
> Jack
> Halloween. I appreciate bad movies as much as anyone
> but this movie sucked so bad I couldn't even watch
> it.
> After agreeing to let the producers, City Lights
> Media
> of NYC, "use my crappy songs in your no budget
> movie"
> i informed them that they had thrown their money in
> the toilet and that the movie wasnt' worthy of
> releas.
> They agreed about the quality of the movie and I
> don't
> think it ever saw the light of day.
> I guess this album is about four years old and it's
> time to start releasing it one song at a time. One
> of
> the bass players was murdered in a domestic assault,
> and the flute player died of a herione overdose. The
> rest of us are just getting older, fatter and losing
> our teeth. Damned it all!
> After much TODO:
> http://www.multitrack.us/~parker/music/mp3dotcom.ogg
> Long live The Who,
> ron
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