[linux-audio-user] Re: [linux-audio-dev] dssi question

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Sun Dec 5 12:16:23 EST 2004

  I've taken a short lookat the dssi specs (6. ui section).
  To tell the host to use a specific UI one could use the suggested naming 
conventions: PLUGIN_UI. One could create the ui-programs: PLUGIN_QT and 
PLUGIN_TXT and then tell the host try to find TXT ui with a commandline 
  For the uis in general I don't know what you should need. Perhaps things 
close to the alsamixer.?
  I expect synths have: continuous sliders (show a percentage bar (very rough) 
and display value at bottom (or to the left)).
  Buttons that change states (int-sliders). Well you could build thejm like 
that. They could react to the same keys, they'd only show their current state 
and no percentage.
  ON/OFF switches. Two thoughts:
  1. have an element where you can use tab or something like that, to switch 
  2. display specific keys (i.e.: R=turn off reverb).
  Show and hide would have no effect (but they are optional anyway. An 
interface like that could be implemented in ncurses or slang.
  A totally different (and not SO intuitive way would be: a commandline based 
interface (like a shell - see ecasound, fluidsynth...).
  I hope these thoughts are not too disorganised and not too far from a way to 
do it. Thanks for your help. I'll download dssi in a few days and try it the 
way it is now anyway. I'm curious.
  Kindest regards

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