[linux-audio-user] Another linux made piece.

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 5 20:44:54 EST 2004

--- fooman <st at tobiah.org> wrote:

> http://register.rcsreg.com/~toby/one.mp3
> This was made with csound, and an extended cscore. 
> Some
> of the sounds are sample based.

Is the piano sample based? I can't tell much 'cause
I'm listening on really bad speakers. I like the
piece. My favorite part is where the drums kick in. I
assume you have no means for recording accoustic

The low drones, chimes and bells are really nice
tones.  Interesting. I'm not a synthesis guy but am
always intrigued with it. So, csound is a synthesis
engine and the score part enables you to sequence
arrangements, right? Is the score a text file that
anyone can run?

I wish it was possible to hook you up with a friend
who is a drummer percussionist. He's just not a
computer savy person. Although he's been asking
questions. He's got 20ish years of background as a
jazz drummer but switched his focus to classical about
six years ago. He's been studying tabla for the last
three years. His taste is for progressive new

I think we're scheduled to do four GINASTERA pieces
before the new year. We did preproduction for a dozen
pieces a month back were we experimented with ideas
and arrangements, designing a drum kit and tones. 

Cool stuff Tobiah. Thanks much for sharing.


> Tobiah

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