[linux-audio-user] Wired audio/midi app...

Brett McCoy idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Mon Dec 6 12:58:36 EST 2004

Russell Hanaghan wrote:

> Has anyone been using this app and if so, have you been able to use it 
> with jack? It says it has jack support on the home page but I have not 
> been able to get it working.
> http://wired.sourceforge.net/

It looks like it has the potential to be a pretty slick application... 
but it's got a long way to go.  I think Wired uses PortAudio for JACK 
support, so you'll need to investigate getting that to work.

If you need to get something serious recorded, though, 'd recommend 
using Ardour and Rosegarden (with JACK).

-- Brett

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