[linux-audio-user] Wired audio/midi app...

Brett McCoy idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Mon Dec 6 17:27:48 EST 2004

Brett McCoy wrote:

> Janina Sajka wrote:
>> Yes, Sonar/Cakewalk does that, and RG and Ardour do not--though there
>> was an attempt made (probably misguided) to build an ncurses interface
>> to Ardour.
>> Wired gets this--probably unanticipated--by virtue of using TTK+.
>> Perhaps Ardour may move to GTK+ some day, but I have little hope for RG
>> as I'm given to understand it is a heavy user of custom widgets.
> Ardour does use GTK+ (1.2).  Rosegarden is in Qt/KDE world...

Oh, and there is this in development for KDE:


Support for custom widgets is also coming.  So there is hope!

-- Brett

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