[linux-audio-user] YAR (Yet Another Recording)

Reuben Martin MartinR at jbu.edu
Mon Dec 6 19:49:01 EST 2004

Here's one of a set of songs I recorded for a band at the university I attend. They needed to record 4 songs for a demo to send to a producer at some studio in Nashville before they went there to record. Anyway, the recording was done with Adobe Audition because it was not my computer, and we were using a Motu firewire unit. I did the mixing and mastering on ardour and jamin though, which isn't saying much given I had to do all four songs in about an hour and a half. It doesn't sound bad though, and shows you can mix decent quality stuff with Linux software when you're pressed for time. (It would have taken forever with Audition, that program SUCKS for mixing) The recording isn't very clean, the Yamaha M3000 has very noisy preamps. BTW this was recorded in a very live auditorium, so all reverb is natural.

This band is about to get signed from what I hear, and I since I don't think most record labels like stuff from their bands floating around, try to keep this on the DL.

Anyways, see what you think. The band BTW is called "Jackson Waters". http://www.jacksonwaters.com



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