[linux-audio-user] [self-reply] still more linux music

Nathaniel Virgo nathaniel.virgo at ntlworld.com
Wed Dec 8 13:21:31 EST 2004

When I posted this I forgot to mention that this is just a hobby for me 
and I don't yet entirely know what I'm doing with production and 
mastering etc. (particularly dynamics are still a bit of a mystery) and 
so it would be really cool to have feedback from those who do.  Sorry 
for the extra traffic.

Nathaniel Virgo wrote:

> This is a link to my latest track.  It's a sort of a microtonal IDM 
> thing.
> http://www12.redstation.co.uk/omni916254/michael/escape-from-the-head-cube--souled.mp3 
> I used ardour, csound, jamin, hydrogen, SpiralSynthModular, plenty of 
> LADSPA plugins and to a lesser extent psindustrialiser, festival and 
> mammut.

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