[linux-audio-user] Linux audio market question

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Thu Dec 9 00:06:24 EST 2004

On Thu, 2004-12-09 at 10:46, Mark Knecht wrote:
> Hi,
>    Imagine a web site where you can pay a small monthly fee. At this
> site you can primarily do three things:
> 1) Post mp3's (et all formats) and then let people download them. You
> have your own 'page' (whatever that ends up meaning) to say things
> about the tunes, etc.
> 2) You get unlimited data storage for audio projects. The site would
> keep up to 1GB on line (i.e. - on hard drives) at all times and would
> store anything else on DVD+RW so that you can download it within 24
> hours. Uploads and downloads could be automated so that you request it
> and it happens in the background. Offline storage is unlimited. If
> you'll bother to upload it then the site will keep it on a hard drive
> or DVD for you. You can control what is kept online vs. off-line at
> any time.
> 3) You can set up collaboration groups to share audio. As an Ardour
> user you might want to have another Ardour user do a guitar track for
> you. (hint hint) ;-) You'd specify what audio tracks from your archive
> another user can have copies of and the site would get it to them.
>    In general the above features would come for a low monthly fee. 
> Streaming of mp3s is unlimited until it becomes 'burdensome' at which
> time the system either limits access to certain tracks or charges you
> some more money based on a choice you make ahead of time. 'Burdensome'
> is probably defined by how much you're using vs. other people and how
> taxed the system and connectivity is.
>    Obviously you need broadband access to make the storage part of
> real value. What would people pay for a service like this. How many
> Linux users are out there to take advantage of this? (Not that it
> needs to be limited to Linux...)
>    What price makes this compelling? <$3/month? <$5? <$10?
>    All comments appreciated. Respond to the list or to me privately.
> Thanks,
> Mark

hi mark

sounds interesting - as Joseph says, mainly the collaboration part ... 

i really think that the open source community and development structure
could be successfully "ported" to all aspects of society and culture ...
i'd been thinking about cvs, wiki, forums and lists, and how much they
resemble syndicalist-anarchism ...

there would probably have to be some conditions for use such as creative
commons licensing - depending on how big and active it got ... maybe it
could also be a gateway and repository for other aspects of music such
as lyrics or cover art/design - if you're into design and have produced 
a piece that might make a good cd sleeve design, you could upload it to
the database for use ... ditto with lyrics. that way, there would be a
forum for collaboration through all stages of producing a finished

just a few initial thoughts.


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