[linux-audio-user] Strict Red Book

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Thu Dec 9 09:23:36 EST 2004

Last Wednesday 08 December 2004 22:07, Reuben Martin was like:
> I'm trying to burn some audio CD's and I always run into the problem that
> there are some CD players that just don't want to play the CDs that come
> out of my burner. I'm burning them in raw on a Plextor drive, so it
> _shouldn't_ be having problems. Apparently the CD's are not strictly
> compliant with Red Book specs though. (from the documentation CDrecord uses
> CD-DA rather than Red Book, I'm not quite sure what the differences are)
> This is quite annoying when I give people a CD and it turns out their
> palyer can't handle it. (Once there was even a CD-ROM drive that wouldn't
> play it!) Does anybody know of any solutions for this?

Thanks for asking this. I have exactly the same problems and it's really 
getting me down. I'm using a cheapo CD burner, so I suspect firmware 

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I just got a new spindle of CDs - 
'silver' Philips ones. dunno if they'll be any different from the sony 
pthalocyanine ones. Probably not. We shall see. The 'blue' 'green' and 'gold' 
use different inks AFAIU.



tim hall

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