[linux-audio-user] a letter from ron parker

Aaron Trumm aaron at nquit.com
Thu Dec 9 14:13:58 EST 2004

> >can't see beyound the issues that I run into. It's
> >just that I keep running into problems that are
> >intolerable to most guys like me (pro engineers).

to sort of take this another direction, what specifically ARE those issues
that you as a pro engineer find intolerable?  I'm just curious to know where
my experience and yours match.  I am also a pro engineer but I don't do
commercial recording really anymore - I'm using Ardour in my label's small
studio in my house, which is growing, and growing around Ardour - I pretty
much make it clear by always harping on it that I don't think it's ready for
commercial use - not that I'm not overjoyed by it - god the whole existance
of ardour and linux audio in general at all has taken my little project from
here to SUPERTHERE in a flash, it's just crazy

but anyway I'm curious what your issues are - I want to help with the
solving of them, and the only way I really can help right now is keep
bringing them up  and sort of just discussing it however i can since my
programming skills aren't nearly where they'd need to be to contribute

the contributers site does indeed mention you in a prominent fasion and says
you were one of the first initiators of MTC and MMC functionality - that's
my biggest crusade on Ardour - where are you on that?  have you had any
successful sync experiences?

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