[linux-audio-user] FM7 ?

Ryan Gallagher ruinaudio at comcast.net
Sun Dec 12 18:40:22 EST 2004

On Sun, 2004-12-12 at 18:13 -0500, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Greetings, Earthlings:
>   As a long-time fan of FM synthesis I've been wondering whether I 
> should try getting NI's FM7 running under libfst or vstserver. I own two 
> TX802s and am very fond of their sounds. NI's advertising makes some 
> extraordinary claims about FM7, so I thought I'd ask here to see if 
> anyone on this list has used it. I'm especially interested in whether 
> anyone has actually compared it to its hardware antecedents.
>   Anyone ?

Hi Dave,

I've owned the TX802, TX81Z and a DX-7.  Long ago I used the FM7 (when I
ran windows).  The FM7 is great.  Visual algorithm selection, visual
envelopes, and IIRC built in lfo synced effects.  Basically it opens up
the parameters (like the amazing long ENVs) of the original yamaha fm
synths by making them accessible via well designed UIs.

If you like the old TX802, you will love the FM7.  Btw, there is a dssi
instrument that loads DX7 patches, but it is not an editor, just a
synth... I was able to get it and jSynthLib running together but... well
jSynthLib is not so, er, good so unfortunately I abandoned working with

I'd go on a bit more but I'm in a hurry... suffice it to say there's no
linux equivalent to the FM7 and it beats the horrid UI of the (still
awesome) hardware originals.

IIR Rui had a nifty project called legasynth that did FM synth.


Ryan Gallagher <ruinaudio at comcast.net>

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