[linux-audio-user] re: FM7

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Mon Dec 13 11:44:22 EST 2004


  Well, I gave FM7 1.02 a brief whirl this morning. It works, but not 
well enough to call it truly usable, at least on my machine. A few notes:

    The plugin didn't work with jack_fst. I received an error stating 
the plugin couldn't be instantiated.

    The program could be run under WINE 20031118, I haven't tested it 
with other versions of WINE.

    I was able to play it via my MIDI keyboard after setting the MIDI 
input port from within FM7 itself.

    Parameter changes, program changes, and menu selections only updated 
after I played a key on my keyboard.

    Latency was awful. Perhaps it would work better on a faster machine.

    The sounds I tested were neat. FM7 has a lot of interesting 
parameters not found on my TX802.

  So, thanks to all for the information. I'll keep playing with the 
program, and I'll try to get the plugin working. Is it better than my 
802s ? Well, I've programmed a lot of custom patches on the 802 and I'm 
familiar with its capabilities. Since I'm *not* familiar with FM7 at 
all, I see I have a lot of learning to do with it before I can have an 
informed opinion.

  Btw, for the retail list price of this software you can purchase 
multiple TX802s from eBay. You could probably buy two TG77s for the money.



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