[linux-audio-user] Linux audio video 0.1 alpha 1

LinuxMedia linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Tue Dec 14 11:38:32 EST 2004

> because audio on linux is still a complicated thing for normal 
> users, and people like to watch videos with a glass of beer 
> in their hand, I thouht it would make sense to make some 
> tutorial videos.

Or there's people in my catagory... I'm constanly reading and 
researching 1... new aps... 2... updates on existing apps... 3... 
creating an app for the linux community (which means the learning curve 
involved in learning a new language)...

That's a _very_ short list. I make 2 points.. First of all, it's taxing 
to constantly be looking for (and reading) documentaion to be able to 
catch up on thing. But more importanly... I learn a lot more (a lot 
faster) with a video.

Why would I need a video about (basic) linux audio stuff? Because 
(believe it or not) with all the time I've spent working with individual 
apps (along with building one myself), i haven't even been able to 
really spend the time to really know how Jack works. It's sounds 
backwards that someone as involved with linux audio like myself hasn't 
spent much time working with a "main" program like Jack. I just want to 
wait till i have the time to really understand it fully. But watching 
your video raised my understnding about basics of Jack. And that's 
important. You picked a great topic for the first video.

> On Mac or Win you should use VLC to play the video; media 
> player or quicktime do not play the video by default.

What i didn't mention is that i couldn't get the video to play (only 
audio). I tried two video programs... Kaffeine v.0.3.2 (audio worked 
only) and aviplay v.0.7.38 (neither audio or video worked). Do you know 
of a program on linux that will view your videos correctly?

> * is it helpful for non-experienced users?

I wonder if there are any other "experienced" linux audio users that 
resemble my unique situation (very involved in linux audio community, 
but _so_ involved that i miss "basics" sometimes).

> * do you think something like this should be done, or is it a 
> useless waste of time?

Not for me it isn't. A video (or in my case... just the audio alone) can 
supply information in a few minutes that would take me days of _just 
finding_ in the first place. And I'm one of those people (and there's 
studies done on this subject) that retains more from listening and 
viewing a video than from the written page. And this is a great way to 
get good information fast.

> I can think of a lot further videos concerning linux audio as 
> well as other aspects of a linux system. 

I support you completly.

> Any comments are really welcome, mainly the negative 
> ones ;-) .

Ok then... you dress funny (hehe... you asked for it)


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