[linux-audio-user] Fervent Software Studio..to go! and GPL issues

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Thu Dec 16 08:39:33 EST 2004

Last Wednesday 15 December 2004 23:48, Steve Harris was like:
> On Wed, Dec 15, 2004 at 08:07:11 +0100, Christian Frisson wrote:

> > What is the difference between this case and the "hi-jacked" Audacity
> > versions that used to be sold on eBay under another app name?
> The ebay guy was just a guy trying to make a fast buck, whereas Richard is
> an active linux audio developer.

Thanks for asking that question Christian. There is a world of difference, 
Chris and Rich (with the help of Guillaume Laurent and several others) have 
given Linux Audio one of its flagship applications - Rosegarden4. I know for 
a fact that Rich hasn't had the time to start making his solo album using 
that application because he's been too busy bugfixing and figuring out how to 
pay the bills. No names have been changed and the integrity of GPL remains 
intact. (IANAL either ;-)

It is essential that developers have enough income, either through funding or 
non-aggressive marketing such as this, so that they don't need to be spending 
their time doing other less exciting stuff. I don't see this as any different 
from say, SuSE. If you want it free, the deal is you Do IT yourself. If you 
want support, you can pay for it. [Anyhow, enough on that subject, or take it 
offlist ;-]

Personally I shall continue using A/DeMuDi, however I shall recommend 'Studio 
to Go' to those friends who can't handle a Debian environment and if Rich 
needs a bassplayer/backing vocalist to help complete the album one would be 
freely available at no charge, of course.

I think 'Studio to Go!' will persuade many musicians to try a Linux based 
system who had not considered it before. This has to be a Good Thing.


tim hall

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