[linux-audio-user] Fervent Software Studio..to go! and GPL issues

Christian Frisson theremin at free.fr
Thu Dec 16 08:43:06 EST 2004


I hope you didn't take my words as a raw piece of judgement. I just don't get
all the read-between-the-lines of the GPL license, because I've only browsed it
so far, not read carefully. So will you / are you compelled, under the GPL
terms, to make the source code of your distro available, for even those who
haven't bought a license, for example on a server, instead of bundled on the
recorded medium? (I'm quite happy with Fedora Core 1 / Planet CCRMA, I'm not
searching for a free sneak!)

For my future experiments, what if I want my piece of software to be released
opensource, but I don't want other people to make dirty money (all that's
remaining after sales, packaging, shipment and survival expenses) out of it:
which license should I choose? Say that this piece of software is to be
considered as a third-party of hardware devices, and I want anyone but
concurrent firms stealing that work to be happy with it! I'm on my last year of
engineering degree, nearly the time to switch to the real world! I like the
Neuros (http://open.neurosaudio.com/) way, schematics and software made public;
but I don't want to be crooked, as I have to make my living too!


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