[linux-audio-user] XMMS Mono Silence

Dave Silvester sly at mu-sly.co.uk
Thu Dec 16 09:44:06 EST 2004

Hi All,

I'm asking this here, because it's something I've been stuck on for a while, 
and just haven't ever managed to find a solution for.

Whenever I try to play mono files (doesn't matter if it's ogg, mp3, wav, 
whatever) in XMMS, all I get is silence.  This was the same with the Beep 
Media Player and was also the same before I got my Audiophile 2496 and was 
using my motherboard's built-in soundcard with XMMS.

I just can't seem to playback mono files in any of the media players I like.  
They seem to work in Juk, but I think that's because it's non-Alsa?  In XMMS, 
I'm using the Alsa 1.2.10 output plugin, with "pcm.analogout" as my audio 
device - works great for stereo files, just not for mono.

So, essentially I think I have some kind of Alsa problem that prevents me 
hearing mono files played back in XMMS.  Ring any bells for anyone?

Cheers for your help, and I hope I'm just being a dumb-ass!  ;-D



Dave Silvester
Music Technology Junkie | Rentable Website Monkey
http://www.mu-sly.co.uk | http://www.rentamonkey.com

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