[linux-audio-user] How-to for Recording on Ardour : Ans Query

ish at sarai.net ish at sarai.net
Fri Dec 17 03:10:44 EST 2004

OK dude .>>>

> ish at sarai.net writes:
>> thanks joq for going through the how to....
>> And as you had said that Audio 3 will be a mono track is not
>> true..>because>> Audio 3(out 1/out 2) is a stereo track..... i m
>> recording
>> guitar on Audio1 (track1) and Audio 2, so they both are mono... and i m
>> then putting the output of the master track (after these two tracks are
>> recorded) into jamin>>> ie master is stereo which will go into jamin
>> (left/right) stereo... then im taking the balanced/mastered out(stereo)
>> of
>> jamin and connectin it to 'Audio 3' , so , hence Audio 3 becomes
>> stereo.... and so we are exporting a stereo audio file...
> But, your example tells ardour to write *both* stereo channels of
> Audio 3 to *both* stereo channels of the WAV file.  Instead, you
> should write Audio 3:out 1 to the Left channel and Audio 3:out 2 to
> the Right.  Understand?
>> i have understood your point completely ..  are you saying that if we
>> have
>> 2 mono channels we put one on the left and the other on the right while
>> we
>> export ..?
> No.  I did not say that at all.
> --
>   joq

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