[linux-audio-user] (OSS vs. RME) vs. (OSS + RME) [slightly OT]

Marek Peteraj marpet at naex.sk
Fri Dec 17 09:38:22 EST 2004

On Fri, 2004-12-17 at 04:14, thewade wrote:
> > Correct me if I\'m wrong here ... but ... lack of supported hardware is
> > part of the reason people don\'t migrate to *nix operating systems; and
> > another is the frightening complexity involved in doing anything with
> > *nix which the OS and its software inherits from the relatively small,
> > disorganized, underfunded community.
> Minor correction: More hardware is supported in linux then in windows/mac
> as far as I can tell.

This is absolutely wrong. 80% of hardware outside the server world is 
not supported at all, the rest is supported by reverse-engineered
drivers or supported thanks to companies giving out some specs and
developers doing work for free.

The driver issue is one of the main *problems* that need to be solved in
order to bring linux into the mainstream.


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