[linux-audio-user] (OSS vs. RME) vs. (OSS + RME) [slightly OT]

Marek Peteraj marpet at naex.sk
Fri Dec 17 09:38:23 EST 2004

On Fri, 2004-12-17 at 06:29, vord wrote:
> LAUs --
> all I'm trying to do is appeal to those people, if there are any, who
> are willing to come together and face companies like RME and offer
> them a compromise as i outlined. nothing more or less.

You raised 2 different but very important issues here.

One is that in order to succeed, application development itself isn't
sufficient although it's the most crucial part. We need to be more
politically involved.(sure everyone here including myself hates the term
political, but it's the way it is), that is we should join efforts, be
more active in communicating with the "outside world", promoting *but*
most importantly the developers should be a lot more selfaware and proud
of what they did simply because the fact the something is open source or
proprietary is irrelevant if it comes to quality or efficiency of your
technology. The reason this didn't happen yet is a sign that the linux
audio community is not selfaware yet.

The second is that we should absolutely not allow any compromises.
Though i know that some people disagree with this opinion, the truth is
that there already are companies which do what we essentially want -
provide open source drivers. And this is the ultimate goal.


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