[linux-audio-user] [ANNOUNCE] rtc based MTC generator

Reuben Martin MartinR at jbu.edu
Sat Dec 18 00:24:45 EST 2004

>Great. Btw: does anyone know exactly what framerate non drop 30 fps 
>MTC has? Should i really send with 29.97 fps?

For NTSC, yes. The frame rate has to do with the frequency used by the AC power grid. In the US, the frequency is a little under 60HZ (59.94HZ). TVs were designed so that each scan would coincide with the AC cycle. Since the TV signal is interlaced, it scans twice for each frame. That's how we get the frame rate of 29.97.  In Europe, the power grid configuration is so much better, the power output is more consistant and the frequency drifts less. It also runs at 50HZ, hence the PAL framerate of 25fps.

Just a bit of useless trivia for you. :)


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