[linux-audio-user] in tune - stupid thread [WAS: Tuning Program or wav files?]

MarC marc_contrib at ramonvinyes.es
Sun Dec 19 07:19:04 EST 2004

En/na LinuxMedia ha escrit:

> My guitar is in perfect tune now. I never knew how good an accoustic 
> guitar can sound when it's in such perfect tune.

:) that was funny! I'm just trying to imagine how it could sound when it 
wasn't in tune...

But be careful about "machine-tuning" !
I believe in perfect tuning as a personal trade-off between all the 
imperfections. Being out of tune you can make your guitar sound personal!
So before your guitar maybe had a great personality (XD)and now is a 
plain guitar... ooh what have you done!!! acoustics and imperfection rulez!
don't let a hacker tune your guitar! that could be a disaster!! XD

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