[linux-audio-user] Behringer ADA8000 and linux

sigir sigir at free.fr
Sun Dec 26 09:13:52 EST 2004

Timo Sivula a écrit :

> I was actually looking for a 8 channel preamp, when I found this
> Behringer ADA8000 device that has a 8 channel A/D and D/A codec AND an 8
> channel preamp. The device has a digital DAT out for the A/D codec.
> http://www.behringer.com/ADA8000/
> Does anyone use this device on this list? Is it supported by linux and
> what hardware is needed on the PC side to hook the digital connection to
> Ardour?

ADA8000 is only a preamp + AD/DA (ADAT). You don't connect it
directly on your computer.

What I've heard about it:
 - préamps are Behringer, it means: good for the price but...
 - AD/DA are good, the same as Alesis AI-3 for the same cost, but
Ai-3 as not preamp.

A good deal is to buy it for the AD/DA and have some preamp.

Line outs are XLR, I don't understand why. 
Alesis has jacks if I remember. If you don't need 8 preamp, it is
maybe cheaper to buy Ai-3 versus ADA and 8 adapter XLR-jack  :-)


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