[linux-audio-user] MIDI confusion

Christoph Eckert mchristoph.eckert at t-online.de
Sun Dec 26 16:42:46 EST 2004

> Note that there's nothing at all in modules.conf for the
> Radium keyboard. It's simply a MIDI controlling keyboard,
> it makes no sound on its own, it would be used simply to
> control soft synths on the PC.

Anyway, you need the module snd-usb-audio for it, because this 
module handles MIDI as well as audio over USB. On ALSA, 
there's no singular dedicated usb-midi-module to only handle 
MIDI data (AFAIK in older ALSA versions usb audio and midi 
have been two different modules, but this has changed).

> > I believe snd-usb-audio supports up to 8 devices, so you
> > should be able to define the 2 you are using to control
> > the order in which they appear on your system.
> I'll definitely take a look at this approach, as well as
> modifying an asound file.

The file has to be created, it does not exist per default.

I have two USB cards and do not use an /etc/asoundrc

 Best regards


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